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Vikings vs Packers Recap

Posted on: September 8, 2008 11:05 pm
Edited on: September 8, 2008 11:06 pm
What an ugly game... 3 points in the first half and should have been down 10 at halftime but got lucky with a low field goal. The second half looked a lot better and Tarvaris Jackson came out of the gates throwing. He looked pretty good but I'm concerned with our play calling on both offense and defense. I would like to see us run it more with the most talented player on our team. As far as Jackson is concerned i think we need to get him some bootlegs to get him out in the open giving him a run/pass option. On defense we need to bring the heat more... trust our corners and safeties and send the line-backers. With a young quarterback like Aaron Rodgers the best thing to to us rattle his cage and disrupt his timing and comfort. Jared Allen looked less than impressive and I didn't here much from E.J. Henderson. The special teams blew the game in my opinion because we should never give up a punt return for a touchdown. I think that the Vikings will still win the division and we will easily beat the Packers when they come to the dome. We will have learned from our mistakes and hopefully the coaches will be a little smarter with the play calling.

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Posted on: November 11, 2008 8:45 pm

Vikings vs Packers Recap

Ah yes, game one was tough to watch.

But game 2 was better. First of all, we had Gus Frerotte instead of Tarvaris Jackson, and while he gave up 3 interceptions and did not play well he still made big plays at some points, and did enough to not lose the game, though barely. Adrian Peterson was obviously brilliant, nearing 200 yards and controlling the game. He did have his spots as well, talking the coach into going for a first down when the situation called for a punt, and then fumbling on the play, though he never had the first down. Chester Taylor played well in spots, as always. Add Sidney Rice catching balls, and Bobby Wade's contributions, and the Vikings offense was on.

The defense was special in game two. Jared Allen really earned his high pay. minus the roughing the passer call that saved a Packers drive. Chad Greenway also played well, along with everyone. Even E.J. Henderson's replacement, Napolean Harris, stepped up. With the offense and special teams surrendering 2 tds, the 27 points scored by the Pack were not the fault of a much stronger defense.

Now we are 5-4, the Bears are 5-4, but without Kyle Orton. Both teams are 1 up on Green Bay. A sweet win. 


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